Two If By Hand is happy to be able to offer custom orders for all our repeatable colorways. Please read on for our Custom Order Policies.

* To place a custom order, please email us (twoifbyhand AT gmail DOT com) with your colorway & fiber requests.

* Turnaround time for all custom orders is approximately 4-6 weeks from ordering to shipping unless otherwise specifically stated when you place your order. We may occasionally be able to fill orders faster, but we quote 4 weeks to ensure enough time to fill your order with quality product!

* Generally, we fill custom orders on a first-come, first-served basis. However, please note that we may optimize the filling of orders if our list is very long. That is, if you order 8 braids and three other people order 1 braid each, we may fill one or more of those orders before/as we fill your order. This help keeps wait times down for everybody.

* A down payment is not always required for custom orders. However on some unusual, non-standard stock, large or luxury orders we may require 50% so we may order your base fiber.

* We offer up preview photos to our custom order customers to approve in advance of your having to purchase anything. Occasionally, we will be able to offer you several braids from which to choose, but this is happenstance and is not guaranteed with each colorway or with each order. No purchase is required -- if you hate the photos or change your mind, we can easily cancel your order and will list those braids for sale in our shop. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RE-DYE of a colorway, we are happy to attempt 1 re-dye to better match your color request. But all custom orders wanting a re-dye will be bumped to the bottom of the custom list. This allows us to fill everyone's orders in a timely manner and prevents single braids from holding up the entire queue.

* We cannot refer to other people's photographs or stash pictures of our fibers to reliably re-create a colorway. Monitors and cameras, lighting conditions and editing all vary and we do our best to ensure our photographs are the most accurate they can possibly be before we ever offer the fiber up for sale. Therefore we can only dye our colorways based on our own photographs.

* Each fiber base takes color very differently. If you're uncertain about how certain colors
will look on a certain base, please talk with us about it. For example, a photograph of SW Merino will never be replicated exactly onto a braid of BFL. If you're looking for a specific splotch of red or yellow or brown, please tell us so we can clarify if your fiber is a good match to the colorway.

* In addition to offering all our repeatable colorways (400+!), we are happy to create custom colorways to match your project, your lampshade, your whatever. Get in touch with us for pricing and details.

* We're also happy to dye your own personal fiber! We will dye any fiber base we do not stock in our shop (ex: Cormo top, Wensleydale, etc), just get in touch with us for pricing and details.

Still have unanswered questions? Just send us an email & we'll get in touch!